Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on the BCS Title Game mass transit options available

So, the BCS title game is going on, and your blogger has one ear on the radio, but I cannot help thinking about something. I've mentioned in past posts how great using mass transit is for big events (sports, concerts, demonstrations... etc). In a way, mass transit is almost made for big events... which brings me to the BCS Title Game.

The BCS Title game is played in rotating warm weather locations (Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, Los Angeles). While the events are beautiful and well run, they are pathetic from a mass trans standpoint. Perhaps this is a feature of the host cities, which, with the exception of New Orleans, are sprawling extended suburb cities. Don't get me wrong, these are great cities, but they are not particularly great for mass trans.

I would like to see the BCS try having their title game in a city with good mass transportation for once... I bet they would find the people movement of the game a LOT easier! Atlanta, Houston and Seattle all seem like a pretty good (warm weather) option if you ask this Cowboy!