Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sleeping on the Train

So... The Train Cowboy really likes to sleep... he recently ranked it has his second favorite activity... his favorite activity is not the subject of this blog, but you are welcome imagine... but we digress! Sleep is wonderful. In Tokyo, commuters literally learn to sleep standing up, while riding the trains. There are several favored technigues. One is to grab a handle or bar above your head, make an 'L' with your arm, and tuck your face into your arm.
If the train is particularly crowded, then you can literally sleep in the crowd, at least between stops. The other people kind of support you, in fact, many of them are often sleeping as well!
Many people also sleep in seats, if they have managed to get one.
On the whole, The Train Cowboy salutes Japan for having a country where it is safe to sleep on trains. TTC does not think one should sleep on trains in many of the world's cities, for fear of waking up without your watch, shoes and belt... or worse...
alright that's enough blog for tonight... time to go to sleep (in The Train King bed 8>)