Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Super Bowl!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl! Your Train Cowboy does not always watch football, but his hot girlfriend has invited him to a Super Bowl party, so he will be happily making guacamole and eating bbq tomorrow.

The Super Bowl brings up a major point of discussion, one that has been touched on before in this blog, the need for good public transportation to service large public events.

Here is a good article on the PubTrans situation for the big game tomorrow in Dallas.

I am sad to hear that DART is not actually adding extra trains. The DFW area is not particularly great for public transportation. This brings up the point that most traditional, warm weather Super Bowl locations are not very good public transportation cities.

In 2014 the Super Bowl will head to New York City/New Jersey, to the Meadowlands Stadium. At present that stadium is only served by a shuttle service, but the Train Cowboy really hopes that a full rail stop to the stadium will be added.

Of course the problem for a football stadium, as opposed to baseball and basketball stadiums, is that football stadiums are only used once or twice a week at the most, so building the train lines is a tougher call. To me, the trick is to plan out your train lines so that they go by a stadium, but continue on past, so that others are served by the line as well as the stadium goers.

Alright, this is not normally my area of expertise, but it seems every Super Bowl column must include a "pick"... Packers 35, Steelers 27